Episode 1 - Barrie Rogers: Eyre to There Aviation

Welcome to the very first episode of Up and Away!

This episode we are up and away with Barrie Rogers where we discuss his diverse career in aviation. From owning a Robinson helicopter franchise in the US, to managing one of the busiest airports in Australia, as well as his latest venture Eyre to There Aviation which will be the first company in Australia to build electric aircraft. Barrie gives us an insight into what the future of electric aviation in Australia and beyond could look like.

I'm looking forward to a follow up episode with Barrie in the future where we can hopefully take listeners for a venture into the cockpit on an electric aircraft! Stay tuned, meanwhile:

Listen to Episode 1 of Up and Away on your favourite Podcast platform here:


Barrie Rogers of Eyre to There Aviation with his Pipistrel Alpha Electro electric aircraft.

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