Up and Away is an Australian Podcast all about aviation.

Host and student pilot Chris Frangou takes listeners on a wild ride discovering all there is to know about being a pilot, as well as a covering a variety of aviation topics through interviews will special guests each episode.

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Meet the Host

Chris Frangou is a student pilot and life-long aviation enthusiast based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Chris began his aviation journey with an invitation to enter the cockpit on a flight to Brisbane when he was a small child, and since then he’s always had a passion for planes. When he’s not reading about aviation, studying for aviation exams, or talking to other people about their love of aviation, Chris is an award-winning bass player and music producer. He has over 20 years of experience playing all over the world from New York to London to Addis Ababa and back to Melbourne (so he’s no stranger to the skies!) 

Up and Away is a chance for Chris to share his love of aviation, learn more from the experts, and promote the diverse field of Australian aviation to the world.